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Surface Water Treatment--Hang Feng Tap Water Plant in Cixi, Ningbo

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Cixi is located at coast of East China Sea, south coast of Hangzhou bay. Reservoir water is the main sources of the Cixi citizen. Hang Feng Tap Water Plant is the earliest and largest running water supplier with advanced "UF +RO” double membrane" treatment technology. Its daily treatment capability reaches to 50,000 tons. Dow membranes have been applied over the past decade.

In May, 2013, KeenSen BW-8040 membrane elements replaced the old membrane of Hang Feng Tap Water Plant. Now the system remains stable rejection rate at 98.9%- 99.3%, which can be fully meet the customer requirements with high permeate flow. The regeneration performance of membrane element is also praised by the owner. This project not only improved municipal tap water quality but also greatly reduced the production cost by using KeenSen reverse osmosis membranes elements.

Surface Water Treatment---Hang Feng Tap Water Plant in Cixi, Ningbo

System Parameters:

Model Output/Set Membrane Flux Recovery Rate Operating Pressure Rejection Rate Array
BW-8040 2000m3/d 21.0LMH 75% 0.9-1.2MPa 99.0% 16:8

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