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Groundwater Treatment--Water Supply Plant in Man Dula Town, Su Nite Left Banner, Inner Mongolia

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The raw water of this project is groundwater with high TDS (more than 1000ppm), fluoride, water hardness, and the other exceed water quality characteristics. The RO system of this project has adopted KeenSen series "BW-8040" membrane element with" sand filter + manganese sand filtration + self-cleaning filter + UF + RO" water treatment technology. The system is running since 2014, the stable rejection rate is 98.5%, permeate flow is also stable. It meets customer’s requirement very well.

Groundwater Treatment---Water Supply Plant in Man Dula Town, Su Nite Left Banner, Inner Mongolia

System Parameters:

Model Output/Set Membrane Flux Recovery Rate Operating Pressure Rejection Rate Array
BW-8040 3000m3/d 21.0LMH 75% 1.2MPa 98.5% 10:6

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