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Welcome to KeenSen !

Hunan KeensSen Technology Co.,Ltd.

Leading Manufacturer of RO & NF Membrane Element
And Membrane Flat Sheet

We Are KeenSen,And You, For You !

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  • Residential Series RO Membrane Element

    Residential Series RO Membrane ElementRO-1812-75

    Residential Series RO Membrane ElementRO-1812-75Learn MoreContact Us
  • High Rejection Nanofiltration Membrane Element

    High Rejection Nanofiltration Membrane ElementNF1-8040

    High Rejection Nanofiltration Membrane ElementNF1-8040Learn MoreContact Us
  • Ultra-low Pressure RO Membrane Element

    Ultra-low Pressure RO Membrane ElementULP-8040

    Ultra-low Pressure RO Membrane ElementULP-8040Learn MoreContact Us
  • Fouling Resistant RO Membrane Element

    Fouling Resistant RO Membrane ElementBW-8040FR

    Fouling Resistant RO Membrane ElementBW-8040FRLearn MoreContact Us

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Why KeenSen ?

  • TEAM:Professional international
    trade group
  • CAPACITY:3,000,000 ㎡ production capacity and
    experienced production team
  • PATENT:Achieved more than ten practical and
    inventive patents
  • PROCESS:Strict process to assure the products

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  • NSF Certificate
  • Hi-tech Enterprises Certificate
  • Patent: An Automatic Equipment for Applying Glue and Folding Flat SheetsF+
  • Patent: A Conveying Device for Barrel Packing Chemicals
  • Patent: A Continuous Flat Sheets Rolling Device
  • Patent: A Rinse System for RO Membrane Elements
  • Patent: A Polysulfone Adhesiveness Testing Device
  • Design Patent: Membrane Package Carton
  • Design Patent: Membrane End Cover
  • Patent: A Flat Sheets and Spacers Multifunctional Cutting Machine
  • Patent: A Vacuum Testing and Glue Adding Device of RO Membrane Elements
  • Patent: A Membrane Flat Sheets Appearance Inspection Device
  • Patent: A Solvent Drum Seal Cap
  • Patent: A Dyeing Test Device to Analyze the Glue Lines of RO Membrane Elements
  • Patent: A Stereo Storage Rack for Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Patent: A Membrane Housing End Plugging Device Used for Membrane Testing System
  • Patent: A Dedicated Cutting Device of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing
  • Patent: A Dyeing Test Device of Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Sanitary Permit of Sew Water Membranes
  • Sanitary Permit of Nanofilteration Membrane Elements
  • Sanitary Permit of Nanofilteration Membranes
  • Sanitary Permit of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements
  • Sanitary Permit of Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Member of Membrane Industry Association of China
  • Advanced Customs Declaration Enterprise in Hunan
  • Member of Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association
  • Member of the Customs Association
  • Standing Committee Unit of Drinking Water Sanitation and Safety Association
  • Member of China Water Desalination Association
  • Credit Rating Certificate

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  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients
  • KeenSen Clients

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